Chester at 5:30 am on his 3 month birthday!

The Chester Diaries: Celebrating the feast and famine known as new motherhood.

Welcome to my blog! My name is Lara and I gave birth in April, 2010 to a baby boy. I've been calling him "Chester" since he was a little chestnut in my tummy. To commemorate his three month birthday, I wanted to write about the crazy, joyous and exhausting ride I've been having as a first-time mom. If you're interested in reading about the highs and lows of uncharted mommy territory as well as my unhealthy obsession with shopping, (particularly baby gear), reviews, and pop culture observations, then you've come to the right place. Be warned: This cute kid has a mommy who can be a bit of a potty mouth.

Note: This blog is no longer active but please enjoy Chester's journey from 3 months to 2+ years.

Friday, June 10

Before his time

My friend Spero came by to check out the new digs.  He also brought over a belated birthday present for little C.

Tongue out.  Total concentration.

Ok, technically he hasn't even started walking yet but BOY, does he love it!

Look ma, no hands!

Thanks to Spero for the very sweet gift!

Saturday, June 4

Pick me a winner...

So as you can tell from the corresponding pic, Chester has developed a new hobby...

He doesn't really go on an - ahem, expedition, mind you.  He just likes to insert his finger into his nose and leave it there.  It's a little disturbing at home, but yesterday when we were out looking at dining room tables, he decided to treat customers to his new talent.  The finger went up and stayed up!  I was mortified!!!  He quite enjoyed the look on my face.  I think that made him want to prolong his little show even more.

Wednesday, June 1

First steps?

Chester was extremely cranky tonight.

He HATES the playpen but ever since we put it in the dining room displaying that huge evergreen, he's been happy as a clam.  Until today.  The little guy just wasn't having it and he made it clear to everyone within a 5 mile radius!

But that's not the reason for this post.  (If that was the case, I'd have to post multiple times each day!)  In between crying jags, Chester WALKED from one side of his playpen to the other!  Ok, it was only a couple steps but that's why they call it the "first steps" right?  Plus, he did it without holding on to anything.  In fact, it could have easily been missed since he didn't fall or make a big deal of it AT ALL.  I don't know if it actually counts since he had such a short amount of space and didn't need to muster up any courage to really walk, but we'll count it as a precursor to the real thing for now.  I think we're close.  Prepare for all hell to break loose!