Chester at 5:30 am on his 3 month birthday!

The Chester Diaries: Celebrating the feast and famine known as new motherhood.

Welcome to my blog! My name is Lara and I gave birth in April, 2010 to a baby boy. I've been calling him "Chester" since he was a little chestnut in my tummy. To commemorate his three month birthday, I wanted to write about the crazy, joyous and exhausting ride I've been having as a first-time mom. If you're interested in reading about the highs and lows of uncharted mommy territory as well as my unhealthy obsession with shopping, (particularly baby gear), reviews, and pop culture observations, then you've come to the right place. Be warned: This cute kid has a mommy who can be a bit of a potty mouth.

Note: This blog is no longer active but please enjoy Chester's journey from 3 months to 2+ years.

Saturday, April 30

One Year!

Happy birthday to Chester who turned one today!  Here are some pics of the main event.  What a fun day!

Good morning!  I'm a big boy today!!!

Organic yummy cake I made for the occasion!  Never baked a cake before!
The gluten-free cake had 2 layers filled with raisins, carrots and sunflower seeds.

Sweet potato frosting with maple syrup and cinnamon.
Thanks to Tim's Uncle Ron and Aunt Trish for the amazing blender!
My mom brought the chocolate-y goodness for the big kids!
Not happy about wearing the funny hat.
Uhh...what hat?  GIMME CAKE!!!
Not sure I dig this...maybe if it was shaped like a boob?
Hmm...the frosting is YUM.
Wait?!?  Am I feeding myself???

Ok, i'm seriously DIGGING this.  Time to have some fun!

Do you think I could get any messier?
New toy from Grandma and Uncle Tony.
Enjoying his loot!
Loves Thomas the Tank!
My mom reading him a poem she wrote for C's big day.

Thanks to everyone who made the day so wonderful.  Chester appreciated all the presents and well wishes.  We love you!

Wednesday, April 27

New house pics!

Apologies for the delay in posts.  I think this is the longest I've ever gone without posting.  The past few weeks have been Moving Hell.  Thankfully, we are now past that, onto the annoying and all-consuming Unpacking Hell.  Here are some pics in the new house!  These were all taken today in the dining room which overlooks a huge tree.  (It must be at least 40 feet tall.)  For some reason Chester was fascinated with the scenery and didn't kick up any fuss at all when I put him in baby jail.  (A first.)

WTF is that big green furry thing?!?
Why, hello!!!
Whoa, that thing is maybe as tall as Grampy.


Quick, let's make a break for it!!!


Monday, April 11

Murphy's Law

Never fails.  When I need some time to myself to get things done, Chester, like clockwork, will wake up early from his nap.  After an hour.  Maybe less.  However, on the rare occasion, I need to get out and about to get things done, or in this case, have people over, this kid will stay asleep for HOURS on end!  Here he is more than 2 hours into his nap without any signs of stirring.

Thursday, April 7

Movin' on Up

WE'RE MOVING!  Mum and Dad bought me a HOUSE!

After projectile vomiting all over myself in the car, a shoe hits the spot...
Checking out the new digz with Dad.
WOOHOO!!!  Free at last!!!
What the heck is THAT on the floor?!?

Yawn...Time to go home and sleep.
WTF??? It's just a little BARF.  WHY DID I HAVE TO BATHE?!!

Well, at least I look good!!!

Monday, April 4

Break on through...

Chester has new buddies. The two teeth on either side of his front teeth have broken through. I've been trying to get a pic but this camera just isn't equipped with a fast enough lens/zoom. (I HATE IT!) *stomp* *kick* *whine*

Eventually I'll get it but for now, these are the best I could do.

This last pic is the best as you can see a little bit of that new tooth peeking out.

Sunday, April 3

Lazy Sunday car ride

Chester looking less than impressed in his COOL fisherman's peacoat.  It's the first time he's worn it - and sadly, probably one of the only times he'll get the opportunity considering our Canadian weather.  One minute it's snowing, the next it's Spring and everyone's in shorts!